Russia: Moscow &

St. Petersburg

Escorted small group tour to Russia. Exclusive access to villages and places not usually open to the public, special guided tours each day to meet the locals and see the ' must see ' sights.

St. Petersburg and Moscow are our featured cities with daily excursions into small towns, rural areas and cultural highlights in each city including Art Galleries, Museums, Palaces and private homes. Stay 7 nights in Moscow and 5 nights in St Petersburg , 2 nights in ' The Golden Ring' and overnight in the luxurious two berth first class sleeper train from Moscow to St Petersburg.

Contact our office if you have a group of 12 people who would like us to operate this tour.

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Experience Russia with the locals

Special arrangements have been made exclusively for guests on this tour to meet the local people, not just see them passing by in the street. You will get into several homes, see what life is like in Russia today, find out how things have changed in recent times and discover the real soul of the Russian people.

Have lunch in a private home, enjoy tea and cakes in a garden, talk with the locals, compare your lifestyle with the people you meet. Listen to their music, have a night out at a fine dining restaurant, you will even have a picnic in a park.

Exclusive Programme

This journey is designed for people who have a keen interest in discovering new destinations. Ten years ago Russia was a very different country and now the people of Russia are opening up their homes and their hearts to foreign guests.

On this journey you will have an opportunity to visit off the beaten track areas that are not included on other tours, including being able to explore rural villages and wander around picturesque farmlands.

Behind the Scenes

We take you behind the scenes where very few tourists ever go. You will be able to watch an Icon painter at work in his studio, we also take you to see the production of Crystal Glass, that has decorated many an aristocrat's palace over the long history of this fascinating country.

Patchwork quilt making is a folk craft of Russia that has been passed down through the generations and we will introduce you to one of these craft artisans. You will also visit a ceramics maker and take a Horse Drawn Carriage ride through a park.

You will also have a day in a small agricultural village, once the normal lifestyle of folk in the country but now being rejected by the younger generation in favour of life in the city.

5 star Hotels in Moscow & St Petersburg

Enjoy the luxury of 5 star hotel accommodation for 7 nights in Moscow and 5 nights in St Petersburg. Whilst touring through the villages and historic buildings of the Golden Ring we will be staying for 2 nights in Suzdal Village at a complex of country log cabins and refurbished building of the former grand days of Russia. Our overnight train journey from Moscow to St Petersburg will be in twin sleeping compartments in the first class ' Grand Express '.

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